A good year for grapes.

October 4, 2021 admin_gm No comments exist

It has been a good year for fruit in my garden this year with a bumper crop of apples and soft fruit. However the best result has been achieved with my grapes. Each year I have been getting more grapes and if I am quick enough I actually get to use some before the birds eat them all.

The grape vine I have is one I was given and I know little about its origin, apart from it was a cutting from a vine that was originally from Italy. The grapes tend to be quite small and have pips. They only become sweet enough to eat when they fully ripe and once ripe can go off quite quickly.

So I have been experimenting with options for wine making and in 2019 I did manage 6 bottles of an apple\grape wine. It was not great quality but like most of my attempts at wine making seems to have matured in the bottle and is now just about drinkable :-).

As I seem to have a bumper crop this year I am going to have another go this time just using the grapes. Fingers crossed I have enough for another 6 bottles.

If anyone can suggest what variety of grape I have growing from the pictures in this post I would welcome your suggestions.

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