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    1. Paint greenhouses with shade paint or install netting to prevent scorch to plants.

    2. Turn out the contents from sheds and sweep up the inside.

    3. Cut back shrubs that have been damaged by frost over winter.

    4. Check any ties on trees and shrubs, loosening them if necessary.

    5. Remove pure green branches from variegated shrubs.

    6. Sprinkle fertiliser around roses and follow with a mulch of well-rotted manure.

    7. Move a shrub that’s in the wrong place. Dig a wide trench around the plant, and undercut to remove as large a rootball as possible. Replant in prepared soil.

    8. Keep pansies, violas, daisies and other spring bedding plants going for longer by pinching off fading flowers.

    9. Dispatch blackfly and other sap-sucking bugs with an organic spray.

    10. Move newly germinated seedlings into their own pots before they become leggy.

    Tips courtesy of Martyn Cox – The Mail on Sunday.

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