As an amateur gardener I like use this Blog post to share some of my experiences - good and bad - as I continue to experiment with different crops and different growing techniques. On occasions I may also share some of my close encounters with the wildlife that I come across while tending my plot.

September 14, 2017

Bumper harvest

It has been a good year for my vegetable patch and the various fruit trees\bushes. A real bumper crop of courgettes, climbing french beans have been producing well although they are now just about finished. Both my main apple trees have been full, although in retrospect I think I would have had some larger apples if I had thinned out on some branches. (more…)
July 11, 2017

The Summer Harvest has started

As the strawberries have stopped producing so other crops have become available. Early new potatoes are available – although must remember next year not to put so many in a single grow bag. Lettuce cut and come again producing more than we can eat. Spring onions and even had a large white onion the other day. Climbing french beans available and have already had several courgettes. Other fruit available with blueberries doing well and actually managing to pick before birds get them. Have taken most of the gooseberries and passed on as we do not tend to use them. Bushes have been full this year.

In greenhouse tomatoes and sweet peppers doing well although probably a while to go before ready to pick. Cucumber plant a bit small but has cucumbers forming.

Kiwi fruit tree has several fruit this year so will be interesting to see if they get to usable size. Even have two bunches of grapes on my grapevine and they are developing nicely.

Although crops doing well in general has been difficult to keep up with watering so grateful for a bit of rain over the next few days to fill my water butts.

June 10, 2017

Strawberry season is here!

Looking forward to another bumper crop of strawberries this year from my tubs. Had to refresh the plants with a few new ones this year now have mixture of Sonata and Elsanta. So far looking and tasting good although noticed a few plants already producing a number of runners.