Mid-season update

June 16, 2020 admin_gm No comments exist

Well here we are in the middle of summer growing season. While the May sunshine was welcome the extended dry period had a major impact on the garden. Like most people my grass suffered the most and even with the recent rain it is struggling to recover, with more brown than green patches at the moment.

The sunshine also meant I had to keep a close eye on the plants in my greenhouse and polytunnel. It does not take long for the heat to build up with the sun shining from early morning. Thankfully I have not lost any plants to the heat and my experiment with growing strawberries in a raised trough in my polytunnel has been rewarded with an early crop of decent sized strawberries. So I may add another trough for next year.

Having very dry soil and the regular sunshine has meant I have had to be careful when planting out into the vegetable plot. It has been essential to make sure plants are well watered and in some cases, given extra shade until they are well established.

My early crop of potatoes got off to a slow start but have recovered well and I hope to start checking for the first potatoes in the next week or so. The sweetcorn is enjoying the sun and again I am hoping for a good crop this year. We have now been able to reduce the amount of green salad we purchase as my lettuce crop is flourishing.

My full range of outside vegetables now includes:

Climbing french beans, dwarf french beans, two varieties of courgette, cauliflower, beetroot, chard, spring onions, leeks, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots.

Plus in the greenhouse there are:

Two varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers, chilli peppers and cucumbers.

In terms of fruit I have a few blueberries, several raspberries, rhubarb and my grape vine looks as though it will provide a decent crop of grapes again this year. My apple trees have not produced any fruit this year and the kiwi fruit tree looks a bit bare this year in terms of potential fruit.

So over the coming weeks and months we should have plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit available. All of which taste so much better when picked from your own garden which is why I like this time of year so much.

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