Summer is here….

July 9, 2021 admin_gm No comments exist

Yes, summer is here, well almost. It has been a very different year to last year when we had sunshine from about April through to September. This year has been a very different story with more rain than sun and temperatures so low that my heating has been on for much longer than I would have liked.

Of course with each downside there is an upside and the mixed weather of rain and sun has created good growing conditions for many plants in the garden. Although I did lose a few sensitive plants with the late cold period including yet another Bougainvillea, which was very disappointing as I had wrapped it up well and tried to keep it warm in my polytunnel. Another disappointment is my strawberries, I lost a few plants over the winter and replaced then with some new ones but even in the polytunnel the crop production has been very disappointing.

On the plus side just about everything else is doing well. I decided to create a couple of raised beds this year and have used them for growing salad veg, carrots and parsnips. All are doing well and we have had a good supply of lettuce plus a few radishes. Spring onions should be ready soon. The big success though is the parsnips. I have had little success with parsnips over the last few years but this year they are growing well.

The vegetable patch looking much healthier this year with the good mix of rain and sun.

Other vegetables are doing well in the main plot. Looking forward to a decent crop of climbing french beans, early potatoes look good and the sweet corn looks as though I could get some decent size cobs this year. Fruit looking better as well. A few apples on the apple trees, raspberries doing ok, blueberries in the polytunnel and both grapevines are growing well. I should have another good crop of green grapes but red vine is still a bit young.

I have been experimenting with growing on cuttings from a variety of plants, mainly shrubs. Some have been doing well, but some others I am really struggling to get to shoot. I had hoped to be able to get cuttings from my Acer Trees but I have had little success so far so always on look out for new techniques.

Looking forward to eating the fresh vegetables as they come available as nothing beats the taste of vegetables straight from the garden.

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